Assess and Screen AI and Machine Learning developers with ease!

Match technical skills with roles accurately and hire faster with data-driven decisions.

Why Choose Us?

Make Your Technical Hiring Faster and More Efficient

HirinGuru provides employers/recruiters a platform, where they can get all the help they wanted with technical screening to find the perfect candidate according to their requirements.

Look Beyond Resumes Skill isn’t reflected in resumes, look deeper into candidate strengths and weakness when it comes to actual coding and development skills.

Minimize Time to Hire

Minimize Time to Hire Don’t waste time manually screening weaker profiles by conducting manual interviews and assessments.

Maintain a Hiring Standard

Maintain a Hiring Standard Create a set standard for technical prowess in your employees and hires, thereby, maintaining the minimum skill level in your organization.

We are running A beta program

We are running a beta program

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Comprehensive Assessments
to Find the Best Fit

Use assessments and coding tests in your recruitment process to find the best candidate for your organisation while drastically improving your interview-to-hire ratio.

Aptitude Tests

Conduct MCQS tests with ease to gauge candidate ability and correlate test-scores with on-the-job performance.

Coding Tests

Use automated coding tests to test actual development skills by giving them real-world coding problems, while simplifying your hiring processes.

Domain Tests

Ensure your potential employees have the ability & functional knowledge they need to perform optimally on the job.

ML Algorithm Tests

HirinGuru’s machine learning tests assess the candidate’s skills on all major machine learning tools and platforms.

Not Limited to Just AI and ML

Don’t be limited by AI and ML, evaluate technical skills for engineers and data scientists across a range of frameworks through a comprehensive and rigorous assessment.


Ready to Scale and Grow for Enterprises

We have tons of experience working with fast-growing start-ups, SMEs, and Enterprises. The HirinGuru platform is ready to scale as you grow; we can integrate with your ATS. platform so all your hiring processes are streamlined

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