SAP interview questions
SAP Interview Questions and Answers 2021

SAP is a big name in the industry. Ever since it was launched in 1972, it has become a top-notch ERP that is used and preferred by huge-scale organizations globally. As per the official figures from SAP, the customer acquisition

.Net Interview Questions

An increase in the job opportunities for .Net developers has caused the jobs to become more competitive. This means that companies are looking to hire professionals who are proficient in their work. To help you with your job interview, we

Python interview questions
Top 75 Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python is one of the leading and most widely sought-after programming languages. The language is preferred for its easy syntax and wide-ranging applications, especially in the development of modern technology tools including Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Computer Vision, and others.

python check if file exists
Python Check if File Exists: How do I Search for File/Directory?

It doesn’t matter if you want to avoid overwriting the existing file or check if the data file is available before loading, Python check if file exists, is a crucial check for every Python programmer/program. With Python, there are multiple

MVC Interview Questions
Top 60 MVC Interview Questions and Answers

If you want to get yourself better prepared for MVC interview questions and answers then this article is for you. We have enlisted most of the frequently asked questions and answers you may be looking for before appearing in an

NoSQL Interview Questions
20 Best NoSQL Interview Questions For Beginners and Experienced Developers

Hiring the Right NoSQL Developer Looking for the right NoSQL developer for your organization can be a bit tricky. A piece of paper cannot always reflect the candidate’s skills. Thus, interviews are a must for hiring new talent for your

Ruby on Rails Interview Questions
Ruby on Rails interview Questions and Answers

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development platform written in Ruby language by David Heinemeier Hansson. Ruby on Rails is becoming a high demand in the tech industry since it is open source. It allows developers to do less

C++ vs Java
C++ vs Java: The Key Differences Between Java & C++

Object-oriented programming languages are derived from a programming model based on “objects” as opposed to logic and functions. Objects may be defined as data fields with unique behavior and attributes. Objects contain data as well as code. Java and C++