Best Recruitement Software For Agencies – Updated List 2021


Tech advancement has greatly influenced the traditional recruitment process. Today, dedicated recruitment software for agencies is increasingly enabling companies to improve their recruitment process; fastening the process by making it easy to screen hundreds of potential recruits to choose the best talent.

Here in this blog, we have listed down some of the best recruitment software for agencies, which are worth investing in. So, let’s just dive in and see what’s in the technical assessment package for you.

Best Job Aggregators Software

According to statistics, 48% of all hires around the world are made by the direct application process, which makes job aggregators a core component for all recruiting ecosystems.

Here’s are some benefits of using job aggregator software for recruitment:


Unlike job boards, which are often limited to specific industries, job aggregator software enables companies to look around for the top talent in every nook and corner over the internet, thereby, significantly improving their chances to reach the best talent. On the other hand, job aggregator software also enables job seekers to have a more comprehensive job search, improving their chances to find the perfect role.

Save Time 

As the job aggregator software enables consolidation of jobs into a single website, it streamlines the searching ability of the job seekers and employers, both, fastening the recruitment process.

Find the top talent

As the job aggregators broader the reach of an opening, it gives companies an ideal opportunity to find the perfect match for the role with the right experience and expertise, which otherwise would be almost impossible through standard job board search.

Easy job market assessment

Job aggregator software also enables job seekers an easy way to assess the job market for their field of interest. Since it offers a consolidated job opening platform, candidates can search out all the relevant information and job opening pertaining to their field for quick assessment of the market.

Best Job Aggregator Software Tools for 2021


with the database of over 100 million resumes, Indeed is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most relevant sources of hiring for companies. The platform to its credit was the source of over 70% interviews and over 60% of hires in the USA, establishing it as one of the best job aggregator software for companies.


CareerBuilder is also among the largest job aggregator software according to various industry surveys. The platform was sold to a private equity firm recently, and it will be interesting to see how the platform progress with the new management.
Google for Jobs: This could be designated as Google’s version of Indeed. The platform is certainly designed to compete Indeed position and could become even better with Google’s massive database and tech prowess. The platform offers various filters and features that make it a formidable choice for companies around the world.

Google for Jobs

This could be designated as Google’s version of Indeed. The platform is certainly designed to compete Indeed position and could become even better with Google’s massive database and tech prowess. The platform offers various filters and features that make it a formidable choice for companies around the world.

Best Testing and Assessment Software

According to market research, over 50% of companies like to conduct a pre-hire assessment test for the candidates to assess the skills, expertise, and abilities of the candidates. This enables them to save time in conducting HR interviews, as well as, allow them to screen more candidates to choose the top talent.

Here are some benefits of using testing and assessment software for recruitment:

Precise information

The fundamental purpose of best recruitment software for agencies is to enable companies to make the right hire that perfectly fits the role. By employing the testing and assessment software in the recruitment process, companies have the opportunity to pre-assess the real worth of the candidate without having to rely on resumes; which can be deceiving and exaggerating.

Improving the candidates’ exposure

Pre-hire testing and assessment software also enable candidates to improve their exposure to job-hunting by undertaking different testing and assessment opportunities. This also offers job seekers the opportunity to show their real expertise and skills for the role, which may not be rightly reflected in their resume.

Test on real tasks

The best way to assess the skills and expertise of a candidate is by making them work on real tasks, as it will bring out the best of the skills from them and give companies opportunities to assess their expertise. By creating sample tasks that resemble the real problem, companies have an ideal opportunity to asses if the candidate got the experience and capacity to fit in the role.

Lower Biased-recruiting decisions

Even unintentionally, recruiters are vulnerable to make biased decisions as a human being. Sometimes it’s their gut feeling, other times it’s the personal linking for a specific candidate that appears to be “like them”. Testing and assessment software negates any possibility of making biased recruiting decisions by shortlisting the most capable and talented job-seekers based on their pre-hire assessment.

Minimize hiring costs

With pre-hire testing and assessment software, companies can save big on time and cost, which otherwise would have to be invested in screening and conducting interviews for hundreds of potential candidates.

Here are some of the best testing and assessment software worthy to invest in:


the recruitment software tool has emerged as one of the finest and most comprehensive recruitment tools that enable employers to screen candidates as per their requirements. The software comes with advanced science-based assessment features and tools, which makes it a worthy choice for pre-hire testing and assessment of candidates.


It’s a great resource to conduct programming and technical assessment of candidates. The software is especially suited to assess the capabilities and skills of programmers and software engineers, with the feature to conduct an online interview, as well.


The software used bias-free algorithms based on gamified neuroscience tests to test and capabilities and expertise of candidates. The tool has already become a big hit among global companies including some of the largest multinational organizations like Unilever.

Best AI and Automation Recruitment Software

Over 65% of CEOs around the world believe artificial intelligence can help them greatly in making the right choice for the employees. Today, there is various AI and automation software that are already making big impacts in the HR recruitment process as the best recruitment software for agencies. 

Here are some of the benefits of the best AI and Automation recruitment software:

Recruitment Automation

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of AI and automation recruitment software is that it brings a certain degree of automation to the recruitment services. These software tools enable employers to maintain a large database of resumes over the cloud and perform an automated search through the database to find the best matching resumes.

Reduces Time to Hire

By automating the resume search, the AI and automation software tools significantly reduce the time required for making the right hire. One of the main reason companies invest time and resources in the hiring process is to ensure they hire top talent. Now with AI-based resume screening, it’s possible to screen through hundreds of resumes in a few seconds; significantly lowering the hiring time required for the top talent.

Enhance Hiring Quality

AI and automation software tools also enhance the quality of the hire. The advanced search AI and machine learning algorithms used by these software tools can screen through thousands of resumes based on your desired criteria and list out the best hire for you.

Stay Ahead Of the competitive curve

Remember, in today’s fiercely competitive market, businesses need to find the right talent faster to retain the quality advantage. By employing AI and automation recruitment software that can help them screen thousands of resumed at the blink of an eye, companies bring themselves into a better position to find the top talent faster, which gives them the professional advantage to remain ahead of the competitive curve.

Remove Unconscious Bias

Human beings are naturally biased, which we tend to pick up as we grow older and it’s almost impossible to completely remove the biases in human decisions. By automating the recruitment tasks to AI and automation recruitment software, you simply remove any chances of a biased recruitment decision and improve the quality of your hire.

Let’s have a look at some of the best AI and automation recruitment software available in the market:


The software uses powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze candidate information and give you the best match for the role. It can also be integrated with the organization’s existing ATS, thereby it’s easy to learn and use by HR persons.


The software solved the problem with almost everyone related to the recruitment process face; that is understanding the badly written job posting. The software can identify the biased language and offer alternatives for the use.

With the official aim to enhance and simplify the employee experience, the software acts as an automated assistant for employers. It features advance tools like transcribing calls, scheduling meetings and others to improve the overall recruitment experience

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking System is currently being used by nearly 70% of SMEs, making it the most important category of the best recruitment software for agencies. Here are some of the benefits of using ATS for recruitment purposes:


The applicant tracking system offers a high level of flexibility for employers and employees. The software tool accelerates the recruitment process by enhancing the application submission process for the job-seekers, enabling them to apply directly through social profiles. ATS also enables employees to submit applications through the company’s career site and fill out the career forms through their mobile devices as well.

Time Efficient

By automating all aspects of recruitment from job posting to resume parsing and screening, ATS significantly reduce the time required for the hiring, while also enhancing the quality of hire.


ATS also enables companies to cut costs on hiring HR persons by automating the most tedious and time-intensive recruitment tasks. Not to forget, it saves time for the hiring process as well, and since time is money in business, it offers even better financial incentives for the companies.

Improves Quality hire

According to research, companies are able to significantly improve the quality of hire using ATS tools. By automating the tedious and time-consuming tasks, it helps businesses to acquire the top talent before the competitors’ snatch them.

Faster Decision Making

By enabling real-time collaboration in the recruiting team, the ATS enables companies to make faster hiring decisions without compromising the quality of the hire.

Here are some of the best applicant tracking system available in the market:


It’s a widely popular system among companies that double as ATS and CRM tools. The software is specifically designed to meet unique requirements of recruiting and staffing agencies.


it’s one of the fastest-growing ATS tools in the market and well known for its robust structured hiring and interviewing system.

SAP SuccessFactors

The tool was created by SAP America after acquiring the SuccessFactors back in 2011. In essence, it’s a complete Human Capital Management (HCM) software and is the 3rd most widely used ATS tool across the world.

Best Recruitment CRMs

The rise of recruitment marketing has driven the growth of candidate relationship management (CRM) tools that have become a widely popular recruitment tool for companies to attract and engage candidates.

Some of the benefits of CRMs include:

Build detailed candidate profiles 

When you need to hire the best candidate for the position, even the smallest of candidate detail counts. A robust candidate relationship management (CRM) system enables companies to hold on to all possible details of candidates at the time of application, while also offering tools to analyze the details at the later stage for shortlisting and hiring.

Build talent pools

There are times when you get interacted with brilliant talent, however, you don’t have an opening at the time. CRM system enables companies to keep track of the best talent with all possible details to be used at later times when there is an opening.

Automated personalized communication

Candidate relationship management (CRM) can be used by companies to keep candidates in the loop for the latest updates on the recruitment process. You can schedule alerts on the system or trigger specific emails for the activity, to keep candidates aware of the recruitment status.

Attract Top Talent

The most successful employers know the importance of recruitment marketing, which is as crucial as customer marketing. With a powerful CRM, companies can market the job openings digitally to acquire the interest of top talent from the market.

Keep the top talent engages

According to studies, top talents are acquired by companies within two weeks of availability, and it may take two years for the top talent to become available again. With a robust and comprehensive CRM system, companies can keep in touch with the most potential candidates and make them excited about joining the team with personalized alerts and updating the status, thereby, keeping them for your company.

Here are some of the best CRM tools available in the market:


Undoubtedly it is one of the most powerful CRMs with respect to the capabilities and features for content marketing. The software enables businesses to keep a strong employer brand and engage the top talent effortlessly.


Yello is fast becoming a top talent hunt CRM tool for businesses with advance features like schedule automation, employee referrals and easy integration possibilities with ATSs and HRISs.


It’s a highly flexible CRM which essentially acts as an enterprise SaaS platform, enabling businesses to perform Global Talent Acquisition.

Best Video Interviewing Software

Online interviewing is increasingly being adopted by companies as an alternative means to time and resource-consuming traditional interviews. Video interviewing software is also getting much popular amongst the employees, as it offers a remote interviewing option without the need to travel exclusively for the interview.

Some of the benefits of video interviewing software include:

Faster recruitment process

Video interviewing software enables companies to conduct quick interviews with the best candidates without having to schedule exclusive in-house interviews. This helps them to assess the capacity and skills of the candidates faster and make well-informed recruitment decisions.

Improves the quality of hire

Another great benefit of video interviewing software tools is the capability to improve hiring quality. By undertaking video interviews of candidates for specific roles, employers are better positioned to assess the qualification and expertise of the candidate, against what is mentioned in the resume, thus assisting in shortlisting the most promising candidates for final interviews.

Improving candidate engagement 

Remote interviews are also a great resource for companies to engage the top talent from around the world. Companies can conduct interviews of top talent from remote places, as well as, keep them engage in the recruitment process, to ensure quality hire for the role.

Reducing the number of no-shows

One of the most frustrating experiences for recruiters is the no-show candidates who aren’t able to make it for the interview for one or the other reason. With video interviewing software, it’s now possible to conduct interviews at the best available time that suits candidates, as well as, the employer.

No time wasted

When screening through hundreds of resumes, it can be daunting to schedule interviews merely based on the claims made on resumes. By conducting video interviews, companies can save significant time in shortlisting only the most suitable candidates for the final screening process.

Here are some of the best video interviewing software for recruitment available in the market:


the software comes with various advance features like text messaging, email campaigns and other engagement functionalities which makes it the choice of the software for new York Time, Airbnb and other billion-dollar companies


the software has been able to generate over USD 93 million in funding, which establishes its authority as the competent video interviewing tool. A unique point of differentiation for HireVue is its Industrial-organizational Psychology that gives companies a unique resource to pre-assess the capabilities of the employees.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire is also in the list of best videos interviewing recruitment software with over 5000 customers to date.

Best Human Capital Management Software

Human Capital Management Software makes up one of the core segment of the best recruitment software for agencies, which enable businesses to transform the way they interact with job seekers, as well as, with all of its staff members.

Some of the benefits of Human Capital Management software includes:

A unified platform for human resource management

Perhaps the most striking quality of human capital management software is that it’s an integrated platform that enables companies to manage its entire human resources including payroll management, recruitment options, and others from a single platform.

Easier Candidate tracking

Human capital management software enables HR persons, as well as, technical professionals to attract top talent and keep candidate tacking to identify the best candidate based on data.

Quality hire

By offering businesses to track candidates based on the data, human capital management software enables companies to assess the qualification and skills of the candidates and make well-informed decisions for the right candidate.

Perform background checks

Human capital resource management software offer companies to perform background checks for the information offered by the candidates including documents and videos; greatly helping them to cross-check the claims made by the candidates and made the right hiring decision.

Here are some of the best human capital management software for recruitment available in the market:


the software comes with a self-service portal for recruits. It’s primarily intended for the SMBs offering them an all-inclusive solution with ATS, payroll, and performance management system.


According to the official statement from the company, “The Zenefits People Platform brings everything HR into one radically simple, single app.” The software is developed to be a single platform solution for businesses from recruitment to payroll and HR access.


the software’s official motto is to build better workplaces and offer the complete features and functionalities required to make well-informed recruitment, as well as, manage employees easily.


There you have it, we have covered the best recruitment software for agencies from all segments. While not all companies would require multiple recruitment software, we hope that you will be able to choose one from the list that suits your company’s recruitment needs and thus make a better quality hire, while saving on cost and time.