C++ vs Java
C++ Vs Java: The Key Differences Between Java & C++

Object-oriented programming languages are derived from a programming model based on “objects” as opposed to logic and functions. Objects may be defined as data fields with unique behavior and attributes. Objects contain data as well as code. Java and C++

Angular 2 Interview Questions and Answers for Beginners and Experienced Developers

The two things that you need to know about Angular 2 right off the bat include; it’s a highly effective platform for the development of mobile applications, and secondly that there is no such thing as being completely prepared for

Sharpoint Developer Questions
Sharepoint Developer Interview Questions – 24 Best Questions and Answers for Hiring Fresh or Experienced Resource

Sharepoint development is one of the ways to generate all those websites that are linked up with the Sharepoint that helps you to boost all the business activities and the most significant thing that helps you to customized your websites

technical hire tips
Technical Hire – Tips to Hire Technical Staff for Non-Technical Recruiters

While browsing through my Quora newsfeed, I noticed that too many recruiters and entrepreneurs are intimidated by the hassles of technical hiring. When I dig a little deeper I found an interesting pattern for recruiters. Most of the recruiters/entrepreneurs intimidated

Angular JS Interview questions and answers
40 Best Angular JS Interview Questions And Answers for Beginners and Experienced Coders

Here in this blog, we have come up with detailed angular interview questions and answers for recruiters, as well as, aspiring AngularJS developers.

NoSQL Interview Questions
23 Best NoSQL Interview Questions For Beginners and Experienced Developers

Hiring the Right NoSQL Developer Looking for the right NoSQL developer for your organization can be a bit tricky. A piece of paper cannot always reflect the candidate’s skills. Thus, interviews are a must for hiring new talent for your

ETL Interview Questions for Hiring the Perfect Resource

Your company is growing rapidly and so is the data coming from different sources. You know that a highly qualified ETL developer can help you manage and transform all your unstructured data and hence enable you to make informed decisions.

On The Job training: The Why’s and How’s of OJT!

It is no secret that employers around the world struggle to get hold of the right candidates for the desired position. In the US alone, an estimated 1 million job positions are awaiting the right candidates. If we are to

Best Recruitement Software For Agencies – Updated List 2020

Tech advancement has greatly influenced the traditional recruitment process. Today, dedicated recruitment software for agencies is increasingly enabling companies to improve their recruitment process; fastening the process by making it easy to screen hundreds of potential recruits to choose the


remote hiring challenges
What are the Challenges of Remote Hiring Amid Covid-19 Pandemic?

Businesses across the world become remote workplaces overnight in the wake of Covid-19. While technology does offer various alternatives and opportunities for businesses to manage remote hiring and management, not all businesses were ready to make the transition. Now as