23 Best NoSQL Interview Questions For Beginners and Experienced Developers

NoSQL Interview Questions

Hiring the Right NoSQL Developer

Looking for the right NoSQL developer for your organization can be a bit tricky. A piece of paper cannot always reflect the candidate’s skills. Thus, interviews are a must for hiring new talent for your organization. Having pre-set NoSQL interview questions can help decrease your burden as a recruitment officer, and helps in saving up on a lot of precious time. However, countless number of candidates apply for jobs, making your job cumbersome, as you would be required to conduct those many interviews. To help combat this issue, HirinGuru provides employers with a platform, to help conduct technical screening, to find the right NoSQL developer for your organization. You can set yourself free from conducting manual interviews and assessments by using HirinGuru

10 Best NoSQL Interview Questions for Beginners

Some questions help the employer to differentiate a beginner from an experienced developer. Once the interview starts, the employer or recruiter starts with the most basic questions to assess your capabilities and knowledge. The ten best NoSQL interview questions are:

1. What is NoSQL?

2. What are the features of NoSQL?

3. What are the advantages of the NoSQL database 

4. What are the challenges of using NoSQL?

5. Explain the transaction support by using BASE in NoSQL systems

6. Explain the Polyglot Persistence in NoSQL

7. What is the CAP theorem? How is it applicable to NoSQL systems?

8. Compare NoSQL and RDBMS

9. Explain the difference between NoSQL and Relational database

10. When can you use a NoSQL database instead of a relational database?

10 Best NoSQL Interview Questions for Experienced Developer

The most desired skill for the job of a NoSQL developer is deeper knowledge about NoSQL- this is what will set a candidate apart from the others. Having adequate knowledge about NoSQL is just not enough; a deeper understanding is required about the various concepts and technologies associated with NoSQL. To test the skills of a candidate, there are NoSQL database interview questions, which can be used to help assess the experience of the candidate. These questions usually test the application ability of the candidate. NoSQL interview questions for experienced developers include:

1. What is the Oracle NoSQL database?

2. Does the NoSQL database interact with the Oracle database?

3. Explain the modes of operation that are supported by Flume?

4. What do you know about Impala? 

5. What are the benefits and drawbacks of Impala?

6. How to script a NoSQL database configuration?

7. How does NoSQL database budget memory?

8. What scalability issues have you encountered so far with using a NoSQL data store?

9. Describe an interesting project you have participated in? What makes it so interesting?

10. Tell us about a failed programming project decision you took? Why do you think it was a mistake? Give details. 

NoSQL Interview Questions Process- Bonus 

The interviewer does not start questioning a candidate about his skills right away. He gives him a few moments to adjust to y=the environment and get rid of the anxiety he may be facing. Once that is done, the interviewer starts with questions related to the candidate’s education and work experience. Once that is out of the way, the interviewer bombards the candidate with NoSQL database interview questions, starting with the basics, of course. Interviewers generally ask broad questions to test the candidate’s knowledge, in addition to checking their problem-solving skills. These questions are broadly divided into three parts. They are:

1. Technical questions 

These questions involve a technical discussion based on the candidate’s previous projects. The candidate may be asked to write codes on the whiteboard, or draw solutions, if need be.

2. Process thinking questions 

These questions help the interviewer to analyze the candidate’s thought process. This may involve problem-solving puzzles, design questions or simply discussing a technical issue. 

3. Problem-solving questions 

The interviewer may bring up a problem from their current project, and discuss it with the candidate, to help analyze the candidate’s problem-solving ability.

Hire the Best NoSQL Developer using HirinGuru 

HirinGuru provides a platform for employers to conduct a comprehensive assessment to help improve your recruitment process. This, in turn, would help to improve your organization’s interview to hire ratio. This comprehensive assessment includes aptitude tests, coding tests, domain tests, and ML Algorithm tests. This thorough assessment helps in testing the knowledge and skills required by the candidate to be hired for the job of a NoSQL developer. Those candidates who perform well and clear this assessment will be promoted to the second round of the recruitment process- the interviews. Candidates who performed below average will not be called for an interview, saving up on the employer’s time and efforts. Organizations usually have a pool of NoSQL database interview questions, which do get repeated during interviews.

The services of HirinGuru are not just limited to the field of AI and ML, other skilled technicians, such as engineers and data scientists, can also undergo a comprehensive technical screening. Furthermore, you can integrate your Applicant Tracking System platform with HirinGuru, to ensure the streamlining of all your hiring processes. If you cannot make up your mind regarding HirinGuru, you would be delighted to know, that they offer a 30-day free unrestricted access trial on their beta version. 

NoSQL Developer Job Trend in 2020

Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for personnel with database management skills. This demand extends beyond the web and software companies. In this competent field, candidates with a deeper understanding of NoSQL have an edge over the average NoSQL developers. Comparing different countries, China has the greatest number of people interested in this field, while Iran has the lowest number of people interested in this field. Looking at the interest graph from Google Trends, between August 2019 to July 2020, you can see that the results have been fluctuating all along- nothing consistent or exponential.

NoSQL Developer Job Trend in 2020

Source: Google Trends

NoSQL Developer Skills Evaluation and How to Find the Perfect Candidate 

Interviewing all candidates that apply for the position of NoSQL developer is just not humanly possible. To help save up on time and speed up the process of finding the right developer, you can use platforms, such as HirinGuru, to help conduct the technical screening of candidates. This comprehensive assessment would help you to identify the best NoSQL developers from the lot, who know the various concepts and technologies associated with NoSQL. Those candidates who have cleared the assessment phase can then be interviewed, to assess their knowledge and skills further. As discussed earlier, the interview consists of numerous questions to help assess and analyze the candidate thoroughly.  

Final Thoughts 

Conducting a thorough technical screening is a must before hiring any individual as a NoSQL developer. This is an essential step to ensure that only those candidates, who are deemed fit for the job, are interviewed. This saves up on the time and hassle of interviewing candidates who do not know the basics of this job. Various technical screening platforms, such as HirinGuru, take care of the initial screening process, while you, being the employer, can focus on the NoSQL interview questions.