Sharepoint Developer Interview Questions – 24 Best Questions and Answers for Hiring Fresh or Experienced Resource

Sharpoint Developer Questions

Do you have all the abilities that one SharePoint developer possesses? Are you looking for the SharePoint developer interview questions? If yes then you have just come around the right place. Here you will discover all the important and necessary SharePoint developer interview questions that will lead you towards success in a short span.

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Moving ahead to the top-notch Sharepoint developer interview questions that are essential while you are going up for the interview. Here we are going to provide all the necessary and vital questions that you won’t skip a single one.

This blog is generally on Sharepoint developer interview Questions. The aim to create a blog on it is just to prepare you for the technical job interviews that are being conducted by reputable organizations. Take a look over the amazing tricky set of questions you need to prepare before you are going for your interview.

9 Best Sharepoint Developer Interview Questions For Hiring Fresh Graduates

If you are thinking of pursuing your career in the SharePoint development then you may need to practice the 9 best SharePoint interview questions for fresh graduates. Here we are going to provide questions with their relevant answers. Now let’s dive into it.

Q1. What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Ans: Microsoft Sharepoint is a program that is based on coordinated efforts with the documents management stage. It is utilized in creating sites that access the places of work, reports just as the host characterized applications that include different blogs, websites, and wikis. Moreover, it can be utilized as one of the protected spots for storing, sharing, arranging, and getting all of the data from any different gadgets.

Q2. What is Microsoft Sharepoint used for?

Ans: Microsoft Sharepoint is utilized for numerous reasons and it acts as a back-end framework that joins together all the employee’s PCs and cellphones permitting them to communicate evenly. It can be used for:

Share Documents: 

It permits to store and share records by any member working in the organization likewise it permits to work on a solitary report by some workers at the same time.


A dashboard can be redone by all the departments and admittance to all the employees is given to check out the regular updates that are linked with the organization.


With the assistance of Sharepoints, you can give an external organization space or website to transfer all the data your organization may need from them.


You can utilize Sharepoints to oversee and fabricate a publically facing website as well. As a site CMS (Content Management System), Sharepoints empowers you to sign in and make relevant changes according to yourself on the pages as well.

Business Intelligence: 

Sharepoint permits you to compose the information to make better decisions that show connections between various contributions through outlines and graphs.


Through Sharepoints the workers can be interlinked with one another and coordinate their efforts on continuous projects. You can monitor the pieces of information on the ongoing projects, task statuses, areas and timetables of collaborators, and any other thing that is linked with the projects.

Q3. How many forms can be created in a Sharepoint workflow?

Ans: The following forms can be created in Sharepoint workflow:

  • Task Edit
  • Modification
  • Association
  • Installation

Q4: Is SharePoint collaborative software?

Ans: Totally, a SharePoint is a collaborative software as it is known for its GroupWise exercises. Post or mailboxes can be shared. Storage management is done in a truly solid way.

Q5: What is a module in Sharepoint?

Ans: A module is a document or gathering of the records used to locate the files during the procedure of website creation and to execute a web part page.

Q6: What does the term ‘site’ refer to in Sharepoint?

Ans: The term ‘site’ refers to the group of the SharePoint sites which have similar properties and offers organization settings which include permissions. Sharepoint online web page collections have three destinations:

  • The group websites
  • Public sites
  • My locals

Q7: Mention how to create a list in SharePoint 2013?

Ans: It can be created as:

  • Click on the “add an application” link to include a custom list.
  • It will open your app area under “site contents”.
  • Presently, click on “custom clicks” under your applications.
  • Enter the description and name of the given list and then tap on create. This will then make a list in SharePoint 2013.

Q8: What is meant by Sharepoint Feature?

Ans: SharePoint features signifies a functional part at scopes or deactivated when not needed all through the cases of Sharepoint.

Q9: What is a document library in Sharepoints?

Ans: The document library stores list of records and envelopes where a client can discover who made which record and contains download, alter, erase an organizer, or document from a Sharepoint report library.

15 Top SharePoint Developer Interview questions for hiring a senior person

As above we have provided all the necessary and important questions you may need to prepare if you are applying as a fresher. Now, let’s dive into the vital 15 top SharePoint developer interview questions for hiring a senior person. If you are experienced and you need to enhance your skills then you need to take a look over these significant questions. 

Q1: How to manage projects in SharePoint? 

Ans: SharePoints projects can be managed as: 

  • Dashboards

The dashboard comprises of custom KPI’s reports, diagrams, or graphs that give you status initially. 

Scheduling Tools: Update and relegate multi-level tasks from a Gantt view Calender.

  • Personalization: 

Filter out ventures and errands that don’t influence your task.

  • Resources: 

It is valuable in following costs, shows accessibility and reports of hours worked. 

  • Alerting: 

Keeping the team alert about the different exercises identified linked with the projects and reminds about different significant gatherings and courses. 

Q2: What does the content database handled in Sharepoints?

Ans: The following contents are being held by Sharepoints:

  • Published Reports
  • Report Models
  • Shared Dara resources 
  • Properties
  • Resources 
  • Permissions

Q3: What is the difference between the Sharepoint Portal Server and Site Server? 

Ans: the difference is as follows: 

  • SharePoint Portal Service.

Site creation for data sharing and document cooperation is treated as services by SharePortal. 

  • Site Server.

It overseas sites with numerous technologies. 

Content administration, product management, request preparation, and promotion services are the portion of the functionalities.

Q4: What is LINQ and how it is used in Sharepoints? 

Ans: LINQ is a component of the programming language C# 3.0 and Visual Basic .Net. LINQ permits a user to question in an object-oriented way and incorporates a time check. Hence, developers may find that it is the only query language structures that they have to know. 

LINQ to SharePoint is formally being held up with the 2010 release. It works the same as SQL or LINQ entity. 

Q5: What is Sandbox Solution? And why it is used? 

Ans: Sandbox runs in an isolation zone while the ordinary elements of SharePoint work as usual. It carries out the stability to the Sharepoint farm by confining the activities that can cause execution, security, and other related issues. 

Q6: Which Microsoft tools can be used for incremental backup? 

Ans: System Centre Data Protection can be used for incremental backup.

Q7: What is the site hierarchy model in SharePoint? 

Ans: The hierarchy model is as follows: 

  • Farm 
  • Web Application
  • Site Collection
  • Website 
  • Library or list.

Q8: How to create a Task Notification workflow ion Sharepoints?

Ans: here’s how to create a task notification workflow:

  • Make a new task list workflow.
  • Set the condition to “if the current thing need is high”.
  • Set the activity to “send email”
  • Characterized that the email should be shipped off to the email address of “Assigned to”
  • Enter an email subject with a query to the current thing task name. 
  • Add up a link of the ID in the current form. 
  • Publish the work process. 

Q9: Mention the Sharepoints of online Powershell commands.

  • Get-sposite 
  • Set-sposite 
  • Get-spouser 
  • Set-spouser 
  • Remove-spouser

Q10: Mention the share point monitoring tools.

Ans: SharePoint monitoring tools are as follows: 

  • Application Insights 
  • SCOM
  • Appydynamics 
  • OfficeMon

Q11: What is CAML in SharePoint and why it is used?

Ans: CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) is XML based language utilized in SharePoint to characterized the fields and views in lists and records.

Q12: What is meant by SSS in Sharepoints? 

Ans: SSS is an abbreviation form of Secure Store Service. 

Q13: Is it possible to download information from the SharePoint site to PDA? 

Ans: No it’s not possible.

Q14: What are site columns?

Ans: Site columns are the pre-characterized information sections that are used in a few contents. 

Q15: What is a hybrid search in SharePoint? 

Ans: With this astonishing element, a user can look through records across Microsoft 365 and SharePoint employees at the same time. 

The above-stated questions are the most frequent questions that you just need to prepare for it before going up for your interview. 

Best Skills to look for hiring fresh graduate SharePoint developer

Are you interested in Sharepoint development? If you have a passion as SharePoint develops then you need to take a look over the skills and qualities that one SharePoint developer must possess. Now, here we are diving into the best skills to look for hiring fresh graduates Sharepoint developer. 

The most widely recognized significant skills that are required by the employees are Sharepoint, Computer science, business process, business intelligence, Javascript, Sharepoint designer, and Powershell. These abilities and skills must be mentioned by the individual if he is looking to opt for his career as a Sharepoint developer. 

Before heading yourself as a SharePoint developer you need to have at least two to three years of expertise in hands-on Information Technology. Ability in web development, networking, and cloud technology will be more effective as a share point position. 

A SharePoint developer’s role goes well when it comes to customized the websites according to the client’s requirements. A fresh SharePoint developer must have the following skills:

  • Web designing 
  • Microsoft certification
  • Programming skills 
  • Business process 
  • Web parts developments or web development.

The above best qualities are being looked up in an individual when a company or an organization is going to hire a fresh share point developer. 

Best Skills to look for hiring senior SharePoint developer

There is something else under the surface when it comes to being a senior SharePoint developer. Let’s now debate over the best skills to look for hiring a senior SharePoint developer. It is expected that by 2028 the career of SharePoint developers will grow high with almost 20000 above job opportunities across the world. 

If you have the skills and you want to enhance it then you may need to look over the opportunity and work as a SharePoint senior developer. Here we are going to discuss some of the significant skills that one senior share point developer must-have. 

  • A senior developer must have development experience on SharePoint 2013 and 0365.
  • Must have experience in Net SQL server 2012, JQuery, Javascript, and RestAPI.
  • Good knowledge about SharePoint administration.
  • Must have good communication skills. 

If we talk about the salary of the senior SharePoint developer then it won’t be wrong to say that a senior developer could earn more than $99089 per year.

In this blog, we have briefly discussed all the SharePoint developer skills and interview questions that you may need to take a look over if you are going to pursue your career in SharePoint development.

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