Technical Hire – Tips to Hire Technical Staff for Non-Technical Recruiters

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While browsing through my Quora newsfeed, I noticed that too many recruiters and entrepreneurs are intimidated by the hassles of technical hiring. When I dig a little deeper I found an interesting pattern for recruiters. Most of the recruiters/entrepreneurs intimidated by technical hiring were non-technical themselves; which obviously makes sense.

Nonetheless, since I have been into the recruitment industry for a long time, I understand the pains of technical hiring, which employers have to go through. It definitely isn’t the easiest of tasks to choose the right technical person with excellent technical competency and a positive work attitude.

So, I thought to come up with some informative resources that can help non-technical recruiters make the right choice for their technical talent hunt.

Just keep reading till the very end as we discuss different queries and concerns of non-technical entrepreneurs/recruiters regarding technical hiring and seek some possible alternatives.

5 Tips for Fresh Graduate Technical Hire

To be honest, hiring for a fresh technical graduate is easy as compared to hiring an experienced technical person because fresh graduates often don’t come with too many strings attached and are self-motivated to learn and deliver.

Nonetheless, let’s see some key tips for non-technical recruiters/entrepreneurs for hiring technical fresh graduates:

Tip 1 – Identify the technical objective

As a non-technical HR person or business owner, you don’t really need to understand all the technicalities of the position. However, you do need to understand the business requirement; and know it very well. If you aren’t sure about the requirements of the position, it’s highly recommended to consult a professional/experienced tech expert about the job responsibilities of the positions. Tell them your goals and ask them for technical recommendations like deciding the platform or technology you want to go ahead with.

Once you know your technical goals, it will be easier for you to understand the role of the position you are hiring for. For instance, a position like “IT Specialist” isn’t really much helpful in describing the role as it doesn’t give any detail about your needs. Alternatively, a better position may be “Backend Developer” or “Magento Developer”, which clearly states what expertise you are precisely looking for.

Tip 2 – Ask for help

Taking from our first tip, once you have understood the objective of the position you are hiring for, now is the time to come up with clear and descriptive skills required for the position. Again, as a non-technical recruiter, you may face difficulty in knowing the right skill set for the position, and thereby once again it’s better to consult techies.

Remember, it’s important to clearly mention the skill sets you are seeking in a fresh graduate, not just for seamless operations but also for the potential employee who would like to know his responsibilities in the new position.

Here’s what you as entrepreneurs can do:

  • Seek help from your trusted friend from the industry
  • If your business model is heavily reliant on technology, consider bringing in a technical co-founder to help you through the process
  • Hire a chief technical officer (CTO) to manager technological issues including technical hiring
  • Look out for potential collaborators like business incubators to leverage on the tech knowledge
  • Here’re some tips for recruiters or HR professionals:
  • Involve technical staff available in the company in the recruitment process. For instance, if you are looking for a new app developer; arrange a meeting with the existing development team and talk to them about their needs, as well as, skills to look out for in the new recruitment
  • Take the in-house technical experts on the interview panels to help you screen through the applicants

Tip 3 – Attract Right Tech Talent

Ok, now that you understand the job roles and have the adequate technical knowhow to handle the recruitment process, it’s time to start seeking the top talent for the role.

The key to attracting the top talent is in writing the content copy of the job Ad. The Job Ad should include a detailed job description, along with the whole bunch of skillset you are looking for. However, techies aren’t just after the fat paycheck, but rather looking for the complete package that may include:

  • Opportunities to work on challenging technologies
  • Opportunities to learn new technologies
  • Better work-life balance
  • Strong and positive company culture

Make sure to include all these perks in the job ad to lure top talent into applying for the position.

Tip 4 – Screening the Candidates

All your hard work put into hiring the right technical talent boils down to your ability to screen through the candidates.

Now that you have in your hands the resumes of the best available talent for the position, you need to have a strong screening filter to choose the best out of the best.

One important aspect that I would like to highlight here is that resumes don’t necessarily reflect the complete picture. Thereby, it’s all comes down to your ability to ask the right questions to assess the real talent and potential of candidates.

Now, as a non-technical recruiter, you got two options in here; either you can once again fall back to an experienced tech professional to help you out through the interview process, or you can choose a professional Online Skill Testing service like HirinGuru and others to help you assess the technical expertise of the candidates.

I believe the second option of going with Online Skill Testing Services is better of the two, as it enables you to evaluate the candidates in detail while saving you time, efforts, and costs of doing it by yourself.

Tip 5 – Determine the progress cycle for the employee

Lastly, once you are done with finding the best technical candidate, the next important job is to take them overboard by offering them a competitive salary package along with a detailed progress cycle. Here, you can compare the packages offered by other companies for the same position along with the other perks and progress cycle. Make sure you offer them a competitive and attractive package, which they can’t resist, else you will simply lose your right man.

HirinGuru is Your Best Technical Hire and Assessment Software

In the previous section, we discussed the benefit of utilizing Online Skill Testing Services. So, now let’s discuss one such service that has emerged fast as the finest and most comprehensive recruitment solution for all technical hiring.

Yes, I am talking about Hiring Guru, which quickly has risen the ranks to become one of the best recruitment tools available to employers and recruiters. What makes HirinGuru a real champion service for technical hires is the scientific approach towards assessment. The tools offer subject-specific tests and mockups to help recruiters assess the real potential of the potential employees and choose the best-suited candidate for the position.

Here are some benefits of using HirinGuru for your technical hiring:

  • 1000+ professionally developed and updated tests for all latest technologies
  • Cost-effective solution – choose from different packages available to meet your business needs
  • Custom test – request a custom test for any skill/trade you want to fill in
  • Eliminate unqualified or unskilled candidates and save time & resources for interviews
  • Real-time tests for coding and other simulators

5 Tips for Experienced Technical Hire Candidate

So, now we are over the tips for hiring fresh graduates in technical roles, let’s quickly see some of the pro tips for hiring experienced technical candidates successfully.

Just before we begin, let me remind you that the top techies won’t be actively looking for a job because they would already have a fat paying job, thereby, you won’t be able to find them on job boards; rather you may have to switch to other more innovative and personalized channels.

Now let’s just quickly list some of the tips to hire the right technical talent:

  1. Understand the role and position you want to fill
  2. Realize the top tech talent
  3. Understand what the top talent is looking for from the job
  4. Learn the language of tech talent
  5. Give tech talents challenge to overcome

5 Tips for HR and Companies Before Start Any Technical Hiring Process

Ok, the key to successful technical hiring doesn’t just start when you are looking for the right persons, but you will have to be prepared for the hiring even before starting the process. Remember, successful businesses depend greatly on your strong talent onboarding planning because when you take an employee onboard, you should be targeting the skillsets you actually need to take your business to the next level and not create redundancy.

Here are some key aspects to consider before you start any technical hiring process:

Hire only when you actually need it

As we have already discussed above, it’s important to have a clear cut vision about the role for which you want to hire. Thereby, if you aren’t sure about the necessity of the position, there is no need to take new staff members on board. Because, if you hire too early or hire without much thought process, you will either be paying someone for sitting around in the office or paying for a redundant role which you really don’t need at the moment.

Hire when the workload is overwhelming

An important lesson I often give to businessmen especially young entrepreneurs is to closely monitor business growth. That’s because growth can be deceptive. You may not realize but it indeed is difficult to predict when the time you really need more staff; especially keeping in view today’s uncertain environment. So, as a rule of thumb, you should keep new hiring postponed until your existing employees have to work twice as long as their duty hours.

Don’t rely on the standard job description

Instead of writing “job requirements” or “years of experience required”, it’s better to think about the kind of person you would want to welcome into your company. Remember, company culture is an important aspect that influences the success of businesses, and thereby, when you write a job description, make sure you detailed the kind of person that would fit nicely into your company’s culture.

Make your website’s “career Page” or “Job Ad” reflective of company culture

Taking from the point above, to be able to hire the perfect fit for the new opening in your company, it’s important to reflect the right energy that attracts the right talent. For this, make sure your Job Ad or the Career Page reflects the company culture, so all potential applicants are able to relate to the culture and apply accordingly.

Equip yourself with the right tools

The best way to perform any job is to leave it for the experts. That said, the rise of the Online Skills Testing Service has only helped recruiters/entrepreneurs (technical or non-technical) to access the best talent for their companies. The approach is particularly great for non-technical recruiters who aren’t sure about their needs.


How to hire app developers as a non-technical founder?

The best approach to hire the right app developer as a non-technical founder is to leverage professional Online Skill Testing Services. Such professional testing platforms like HirinGuru offer 1000s of tests for all trades and skill levels and can help non-technical founders to find the best talent.

How much it costs to hire an app developer for technical support?

The hiring cost for an app developer varies greatly and is influenced by various factors including the complexity of the app, the design, the features, the platform used, as well as, the expertise of the developer. In general, the cost of hiring an app developer for technical support may range anywhere from $10,000 to $100k and above.

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